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Congratulations on your engagement! How lovely that you found your way here. 

A courtship triggers a chain reaction of emotions. I will never forget how I myself experienced that time; an eternal round dance between magical love intoxication and "pinch me in the arm", should I really get married ?! " to endless decisions, budget nerves and performance anxiety. 

The day after our wedding - is not it typical - I understood so well how we really should have planned it all. And it dawned on me that several brides were going to fall into the same trap; if not I did nothing. With that I found my real calling and after 8 years I quit my architectural career, and since then I have dedicated my whole soul to weddings (and my fine family, of course). 

Today I am here for you, ready to guide you so you can celebrate love with all the presence and joy you deserve. You should not just have an unforgettable weddingday, but also become the bride you want to be.

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Brudgom løfter brud opp med løs brudebukett og brudekjole med blonder og slep i skogen.

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Make it easy to get an overview of all the tasks and make sure you don't forget anything for the wedding day.

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Brudgom løfter brud opp med løs brudebukett og brudekjole med blonder og slep i skogen.

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